Welcome to Discovery Bay

January 22nd, 2017 By Don Farrow in Blog.

Golf Course View from Discovery Bay Home Porch

Nestled up against the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta and just off California State Route 4 is a special place: a beautiful waterfront community for active individuals, with wonderful amenities that cater to their active lifestyle. You’ll find a country club, golf course, yacht club, and a large marina.

Many of the homes are right on the water, and include private docks or boat slips. Others overlook the golf course. It’s a perfect combination of fun, relaxation, and luxury. Once you set foot there, you’ll realize why the town’s slogan is “Live where you play.”

If this is the kind of community that appeals to you (and why shouldn’t it?) contact Don Farrow today. He’s able to help with every aspect of finding and purchasing property in the area.

Welcome to Discovery Bay.

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