Fishing in Discovery Bay

April 18th, 2017 By Don Farrow in Blog.

sturgeon fishDiscovery Bay is nestled in the California Delta, a great area for fishing. If you love fishing, having waterfront property in Discovery Bay gives you the opportunity to make these popular catches:

  • American Shad: a good fish for smoking, caught in late April and early May
  • Black Bass: a sought-after tournament fish in the Delta
  • Catfish: a common fish, and considered very good eating
  • Crayfish: small shellfish that are easy to catch in traps
  • Salmon: a tasty and popular fish
  • Striped Bass: the most popular fish in the Delta
  • Sturgeon: a fish that dates from the Triassic period

Whether you enjoy fly fishing, pier fishing, or fishing from a boat, Discovery Bay offers a great fishing experience for you.

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